I've always been a lover of cooking, experimenting in the kitchen and eating. I love chocolate, I love wine, I love food! And I don't want to sacrifice it. So how do I find the right balance that ensures my mind is satisfied and my body is healthy? 

Up until recently, food for me was purely about enjoyment, taste and ritual. But I've become more and more conscious of the way in which everything we eat has a particular effect on our health. The idea that 'food is medicine' is exciting to me and brings balance to my thoughts about diet and food.

Food = Enjoyment. Taste. Ritual. Health. 

We need food to function. There's no doubt about that. But too many of us are eating the wrong kinds of food. In this blog I want to share how I'm discovering a wonderful balance of enjoyment, taste, ritual and health through cooking with real, natural, whole foods.

It's been a fun adventure so far. While spending a year in Korea, I've devoted my spare time to learning about whole foods and whole health. Next on the list - a journey through South East Asia before returning to my roots in New Zealand to study Nutritional Medicine and holistic health. Follow along if you're interested in cooking with real ingredients and learning the truths behind ultimate health.

Kauia x

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