Monday, July 2, 2012

eat it - it all starts here


The time has come for me to stop procrastinating and get on and begin this blog! I’ll get straight to it and give you a little bit of background info. 

For the past ten months I’ve been living in a very small, very isolated country town in South Korea. It’s been a crazy whirlwind experience with its mega highs and mega lows. When I first arrived my health was not in the best shape and so I decided to set aside one year to devote myself to finding ultimate health and happiness.

It's been a year without the comforts of home and strong support networks of friends and family – something I've had to seriously adjust to. But I've taken this ideal opportunity to put my health first. Health and cooking good food has been my main focus.

I've set aside one whole year! Not some crazy-fast-paced 6 week diet - no carbs this, or low fat that. Just pure foods, whole foods, REAL FOOD!
My favourite thing about Korean food is the selection of beautiful side dishes - called pancheon and namul.

Buckwheat, banana and blueberry pancakes. Some home comfort weekend cooking.


Ten months in and I feel like a very different person! Along the way a few things have become clear. First of all, after rummaging through many blogs, recipes and information on the web (thank you Korea for the fastest, most amazing internet connections in the world!!), I've learnt about a whole network and community of people out there sharing, reading, interested in and learning about whole foods nutrition. I for one am hooked! Every day that I learn something new, I've this desire to share it. And so that is exactly what I plan to do.

Next I've realised that some people are a little scared or intimidated by the idea of new foods and different cooking. So I'd like to find ways to make it easy, accessible and fun and inspire all sorts of different folk to build their own health and get cooking.

Just a few months ago something clicked quite perfectly into place for me - I’m clearly passionate about all of this, so why not make it a pretty serious part of my career. I've been researching and thinking about studying nutritional medicine and luckily New Zealand offers some great schools where I can make this happen. On my way home to the beautiful Aotearoa later this year, I’ll be taking a rather delicious trip through South East Asia, enjoying an extremely extravagant stop off in Oz to see some very special friends and then home to my roots to set up camp and make holistic nutrition a bigger part of my life. So, if you like, watch this space. I'll post and share as I learn and most importantly spread some very tasty recipe love!

Why Eat It?...

There is one simple answer to that. We are what we eat right?? So, if you want good health…Then EAT IT.

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