Tuesday, October 2, 2012

my year in korea caught on film

If you didn't know already, I'm currently on the road adventuring through South East Asia and then homeward bound. Initially I thought I was super organised on the post front, but it's definitely taking me a little longer than usual to write and publish posts! I am however putting a lot of energy into enjoying incredible food from different places - Vietnam, Loas and Thailand. Of course the food is a huge focus on my journey. My plan is to take as many snaps, lap up and eat a whole load of deliciousness and write, cook and learn along the way. Once I've returned home then I'll get on to some more formulated posts and recipes and give you a true taste of my South East Asia trip through the food I ate. I do have a few posts tucked up my sleeve from when I was in Korea but please bear with me if they are not as regularly published. I will try to keep up a steady flow! 

I know last week I'd promised a follow-up recipe - an easy throw together stir fry, but I have a few final touches I want to make. I plan to be sitting on a beach on the coast of Cambodia next week, so I imagine I'll find some time there to finish it up. For now, I have something a little different to share...

The weeks leading up to this trip were filled with excitement, lots of lists and a whole load of anticipation. My busy bustling self was so caught up in all of the hype that it's only now that the reality of leaving Korea is sinking in.

Deciding to move to Korea was a pretty quick-snap and suprise decision. I'd never really given the place much thought as somewhere to live until the idea was put right in front of my face. It's seems strange to think that was all over a year ago now though. My experience there was amazing, crazy, beautiful, frustrating, interesting, unique, challenging and wonderful. Towards the end of my year contract, some days I'd sit at my desk at work and feel like Korea had been home for years. Other times, it was hard to believe that any more than a few months had passed.

It seemed an impossible task to wrap up the whole experience through writing in just one post. Instead I thought I'd share it through some photos I took along the way.

There are some snaps to follow from the coldest winter I've ever endured, the completion of my first half marathon, trips to Seoul, hikes up mountains, a visit from Ryan's parents, of food, of people, of streets; this is my year in Korea caught on film. That's enough said from me I think. I'll let the  pictures do the talking... 

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